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Study the Genetic Parameters for Some Potato Genotypes under Mosul Condition

This study has been performed in the area of vegetable research at the department of horticulture and landscape design, agriculture and forestry college, Mosul Univ. throughout the growing season spring 2021 for study the genetic parameters for some potato genotypes under Mosul condition. The results indicated there were significant variances between the genotypes in all traits, the genotype Latona gave the best value in yield per plant, total chlorophyll and total yield in the area. The genotype Arizona gave the high value in starch, the genotype and phenotype coefficient variance were highest for stem length, weight of tuber, and TSS, while the heritability in the broad sense was been > 60 % for all traits excepted for yield per plant. The total yield in each one of the unit areas had a high positive phenotypic and genotypic significant association with stem length, number of tuber per plant, yield per plant, tuber weight, dry matter and total chlorophyll. As a conclusion, this result showed highly significant variation between the six genotypes in all traits. Total yield of tubers per unit area had a high phenotypic and genotypic coefficient correlation for most traits under the study. Keywords - Potato, Heritability, Phenotype, Genotype variance, Genetic advance, Yield, Correlation.