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Implementation Of A Key Exchange Protocol For Secure Communication Between Sim Card And Service Provider

Latest Subscriber Identity Module cards are produced based on the latest specifications and can provide secure end-to-end encryption between SIM card and a Service Provider. However, un-keyed SIM cards do not contain the required security infrastructure to provide end-to-end encryption. Hence, new, emerging, or smart services those require end-to-end encryption between SIM card and a SP is impossible. Thus, providing a model to enable end-to-end encryption becomes a vital problem. In our previous work, we designed a key exchange protocol named SIMSec protocol, which creates symmetric keys by the collaborative work of un-keyed SIM card and the Service Provider�s server. After a successful protocol execution, SIM card and Service Provider creates the symmetric keys and can perform end-to-end data encryption when required. In this paper, we give the details of SIMSec protocol�s implementation on both SIM cards and the server. Keywords: Key Exchange Protocol, SIM Card, Smart Card, Symmetric Encryption, Java Card.