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Adoption of Big Data by Global Chemical Industries

The new era of Big Data (BD) is influencing the chemical industries tremendously, providing several opportunities to reshape the way they operate and shift towards intelligent manufacturing. Given the availability of free software and the large amount of real-time data generated and stored in process plants, why many chemical industries are still not fully adopting BD? The industry is just starting to realise the importance of the large amount of data they own to make the right decisions and support their strategies. This article explores the importance of professional competencies and data science that influence BD in chemical industries for shifting towards intelligent manufacturing in a fast and reliable manner. This article utilises a literature review and identifies potential applications in the chemical industry to change from conventional methods toward a data-driven approach. The scope of this document is limited to the adoption of BD in chemical industries, and the variables identified part of this article. To achieve this objective, government, academia, and industry must work together to overcome all present and future challenges collaboratively. Keywords - Big Data, Professional Competencies, Business Intelligence, Data Scalability, Process Monitoring, Investment In Tools