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Support For Lecturers’ Transformation from Technology-Free to Technology-Based Lecturing at a Private Higher Education Institution

The last decade has revealed the need for technology-enhanced teaching, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic-related lockdown.Educational institutions hadto shift theirteaching approach for it to better suit thestudentsexperiencing isolation or are affected by the social distancing that the lockdown imposed on the academic systems.Lecturers had therefore had to be assisted intransforming their technology-free teaching intotechnology-enhanced teaching.This study explored the support offered to lecturers to transform their teaching from technology-free lecturing into technology-enhancedteaching at a private higher education institution.Lecturers have an idea of what technology is and how to use it for personal use. However, when it comes to teaching with technology, lecturers must be intentional and use technology to develop an understanding of content by the students. Lecturers must be able to blend the face-to-face teaching approach with the blended approach. They also require the necessary ongoing support to be effective in teaching with technology.Individual interviews, observations, and log files were conducted to gain an understanding of support for lecturers in their transformation of lecturing with technology.The key findings identified that lecturers required ongoing support on anindividual basis or group support provided by the educational technologist. Theongoingindividual support should be offered by the institution so that can become confident and competent toteach effectively with technology. Furthermore, peer support and regular workshops on the use of technology provided additional support for lecturers.This study contributes to the field of technology-integrated teaching and learning. It explores how support should be offered to lecturers to successfully teach using technology. Keywords - Learning Management System, Support, Lecturers, Transformation, Higher Education, Technology-Based Lecturing.