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Improving Pharmacists’ Awareness of Inadequate Antibiotic Use for URTIS through an Educational Intervention: A Pilot Study

Since the discovery of antibiotics, mortality associated to infections drastically decreased. However, with the crescent overuse of antimicrobials, bacteria started to develop resistance mechanisms and now multiresistant bacteria are one of the major public health concerns worldwide. Respiratory tract infections are among the diseases for which primary care health professionals mostly prescribe/dispense antibiotics. This way, it is important to develop strategies directed to physicians/pharmacists to optimize antibiotics use, especially within the primary care context. The aim of this pilot study was to evaluate pharmacists’ perceptions about eHealthResp online platform, composed by an online course about upper respiratory infections and a mobile app, a clinical decision support system for symptoms suggestive of respiratory infections, to help in the management of these diseases. Ten community pharmacists were invited to participate in this study by exploring both online course and mobile app. After completion, participants answered a content validation questionnaire with quantitative and qualitative questions to evaluate eHealthResp e-learning tools. Results showed eHealthResp is a comprehensive and consistent platform. The median scores for platforms’ utility, interest and trust were 5.00 out of 5.00. Each one of the four chapters and clinical cases of the course was evaluated with a median score of 5.00 out of 5.00 in adequacy, correction and completeness parameters. Regarding qualitative evaluation, most of the comments were about course and app usefulness for clinical practice. Concluding, this study showed that eHealthRespis a useful e-health tool for management of upper respiratory tract infections' symptoms, helping to optimize antibiotic use. Keywords - Antibiotics Use; Upper Respiratory Tract Infection; Pharmacist