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Management Tools Usage in Organizations

The main purpose of this paper is to examine usage of management tools in Slovenian production and service organizations.Management tools can be considered as concepts that are aimed to support organizational working and behavior, across various functional areas, organizational processes, and different hierarchical levels in organizations.In that context, we are interested to examine pattern of management tools usage in production and serviceorganizations.Our results are based on answers from 114 employees working in Slovenian organizations.The study included 33 most commonly emphasized management tools in organizations.Results reveal that supply chain management, total quality management, lean production, shared service centers, collaborative innovation, and six sigma are significantly more frequently used in production organization than in service organizations. Only in case of corporate blogs, they are significantly more used in service organizations.Furthermore, we can conclude that despite the absence of significant differences, e.g. strategic planning, benchmarking, knowledge management, balanced scorecard, key competences, and customer relationship management, they are more frequently used in production organizations. Inversely, scenario and contingency planning, off-shoring, decision right tools, RFID, consumer ethnography, and decision right tools, are more frequently used in service organizations.Results are discussed in the context of current organizational circumstances, focusing on COVID-19 and digitalization of organizations. Suggestions for organizational practice and further research directions are outlined in the final sections of the paper. Keywords - Industry 4.0, Management Tools, Manufacturing Organizations, Service Organizations, Slovenia