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Awareness of Intellectual Property Rights Among Students of Bangladesh – A Pre-Trips Adoption Analysis

The TRIPS Agreement is the most contemporary and thorough multilateral agreement on intellectual property rights. This agreement came into effect back on 1st January 1995. After graduation from the LDC category, Bangladesh must comply with all the TRIPS provisions related to international trade. After the LDC graduation, Bangladesh will no longer have access to WTO benefits. According to a recent report by the WTO Secretariat, 71% of Bangladesh's total exports enter countries that provide quota-free &duty-free market access to LDCs. In terms of definition and use case, there are subtle differences between Patents, Copyright, trademarks, and other IP instruments. Moreover, given the contribution of agriculture to Bangladesh's economy, GI (Geographical Indication) can play a vital role in rural economic development. The study aims to examine the general knowledge gap among students about TRIPS and Intellectual Property rights. Assuming that current students will soon enter the job market, their knowledge about the TRIPS agreement and the various Intellectual Property instruments is vital. This study will help the policymakers and relevant stakeholders prepare for the readiness of future endeavors. Keywords - Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights,(LDC) Least Developed Country, One-Size-Fit-All.