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Industrial Coffee Machine Selection With the Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process

The consumption of products derived from coffee bean has been increasing rapidly. With this situation of the coffee industry, size and brand varieties of coffee market have been increasing too. Companies diversify the characteristics of the industrial coffee machines wide range to cater for demands of people in one machine. However, in most of countries, the coffee machine companies do not have sales network and cannot provide technical support. All of these factors may raise the prices of the industrial coffee machines and the price factor is not enough for the decision of the right coffee machine selection by itself like all other electronic devices. At the same time, intensive usage may cause extra costs for the companies with the shortening of machine life unless necessary and sufficient technical support is provided. Supplying sensitive and perishable parts of the machines on time is an important factor that affects the cost and the benefit of the company for purchasing. Some of other basic technical characteristics which determine the price of the coffee machine are number of the groups, water capacity, water pressure, cream quality, produced material, energy usage etc. All of these factors make decision making of the coffee machine selection harder. To this end, we will propose a Fuzzy Analytic Network Process (F�AHP) approach to select the most appropriate industrial coffee machine. Both initial costs and later costs are reduced as much as possible with selecting the best and the most appropriate equipment(s). Index Terms- Analytic Hierarchy Process, Fuzzy Logic, Group Decision Making, Industrial Coffee Machine.