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Modeling and Control of A Hexacopter by Sliding Modes Based on Backstepping with Adaptive Parameterization.

Aerial robotics involves a variety of terrestrial and aerial devices that are exposed to many uncertain parameters that are difficult to contemplate in the model, such as inertia, noise generated by sensors, variations in the working space, among others, it is for this reason that over the years and with the arrival of new technologies, modern techniques such as adaptive control have been developed and studied. This study presents the methodology for the design and simulated implementation of a Backstepping controller, based on adaptive sliding modes capable of omitting the uncertain dynamics of an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) of the hexacopter type, for this the mathematical model that describes the dynamics and kinematics of the system was determined to subsequently perform the design of the controller which consists of: Finding the sliding surfaces with their respective control laws and their uncertain adaptive parameters applied to physical constants. The proposed controller allowed to evaluate its own robustness to variations in the different inputs for a complex robotic system such as UAVs, this through each of the results obtained, since the internal adjustment made by the control loop for each of the uncertain physical variables was appreciated, getting to cancel them and ensure the stability of the entire system within the established sliding surfaces. Keywords - Adaptive estimation, adaptive control, backstepping, control law, Lyapunov methods, modeling, nonlinear control systems, robust control, simulation, stability.