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This paper presents the issues surrounding the practice of online teaching and learning amongteacher trainees in Malaysia. The novel coronavirus disease (Covid-19) has left an indelible impact oneducation and complex changes continue to take place amidst the global crisis. The pandemic saw teachers havehad to make pedagogical adaptations as the traditional teaching made way forremote teaching delivery and learning environment. As life returns into pre-pandemic normalcy and many schools reopening safely, teachers try to find the balance betweendividing their time between teaching, engaging with students, and administrative tasks both online and offline. With thisin mind, the paper discusses the teachers’ level of preparedness for remote teaching and beyond, the tools used as well asthe challenges faced in conducting online classes. A short survey was carried out with a groupof teacher trainees to survey their needs with regard to readiness, tools and reflecting on the challenges faced in onlineteaching. Several key issues confronting teachers in a virtual teaching environment are alsodiscussed and how everyone learns to make adjustments and reflecting on what works and what does not in today’s education.As teachersreflect on how the teaching and learning during this crisis needs to be revitalised, it alsoraises important questions about the different levels of preparedness required in ensuring onlineeducation aligns with the fundamental purpose of education. Key words - Level of Preparedness, Online Tools, Pandemic, Remote Teaching, Reflections