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Environmental Problems & Development Sustainability in Light of the Kingdom’s2030 Vision: Opportunities & Challenges

The study aims to investigate the environmental problems, their causes and impact, the role of the government towards sustainable development to reduce the effect of these problems in light of vision 2030 and the challenges and opportunities they face in doing so. This is a narrative study focusing on all the environmental issues of the country and highlighting major 3 environmental concerns and what the country is doing to bring about sustainability in light of vision 2030 as well as the challenges and opportunities it has to face to develop sustainable development goal in this area. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has made significant progress in the areas of agriculture, water, and environment. The study concluded that the vast and sound management structure and policy planning designed to implement the Vision 2030 agenda lays solid groundwork for the 2030 sustainable development agenda. Keywords - Environmental Issues, Sustainable Development, Vision 2030, Saudi Arabia, Pollution, Deforestation, Desertification.