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Influencing Factors of E-Learning Utilization in Covid-19 Era in the Federal University of Technology, Akure (Futa), Nigeria

The use of technology in facilitating learning is now accepted as a norm across educational institution and it is important to consider the facilitating factors that play important role in the utilization of e-learning technology. Unless these factors are fully considered, the utilization of e-learning will not reach its potentials. This study aimed at examining the influencing factors of e-learning utilization and its effect on learning outcome. The study employed a survey research approach through which questionnaire was used to collect primary data from 209 students of the Federal University of Technology, Akure (FUTA) where e-learning is being utilized for learning process. The collected data was analyzed using the partial Least Square – Structural equation modelling. The results of the regression analysis through the PLS path modelling revealed that facilitating conditions and perceived ease of use are significant factors influencing the utilization of e-learning among students in FUTA. Also, the study found that e-learning utilization has significant effect on the learning outcome among students in FUTA. The study also revealed that users’ attitude moderates the relationship between e-learning utilization and learning outcome. Therefore, it is recommended that more awareness should be created about the right attitude towards utilizing e-learning among the users and assistance should be provided on the e-learning infrastructural content for better utilization among the users. Keywords - E-learning, E-Learning utilization, Learning outcomes, User attitude