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Elastic Bending Behaviour of Sandwich Composite Structures with ABS Cores by using Additive Manufacturing

Maintaining the lightweight performance of sandwich structures while achieving good bending strength and stiffness is difficult. These programmable sandwich constructions use 3D printed core materials with hexagonal honeycomb, re-entrant honeycomb, and circular honeycomb topologies with varying core densities. Three-point bending tests are conducted to determined the bending strength and stiffness of these sandwich composites including an Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene core and a unidirectional carbon fibre reinforced polymer face sheet. The sandwich composite with the greater relative core density displays greater bending strength and stiffness than the composite with the lower relative core density. The sandwich composites beam with re-entrant honeycomb core exhibit the strongest bending strength and stiffness due to negative Poisson’s ratio. Experiments reveal that designed core structures can be sued to regulate bending qualities. These results provide characteristics for a broad variety of industrial and structural applications. Keywords - Sandwich Beam, Honeycomb Core, Bending, Lightweight Structure.