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Technologies for A Learning Oriented Assessment in Linguistic Teaching Training

1. Problem Statement. The European Higher Education Area (EHEA) promotes the renewal of teaching and assessing methodologies looking for teaching research teams interested in improving the educational experiences. This paper main point is to analyze one of the innovation teaching topics leaded in the University of Valencia (Spain) by the group COLLABORA: the e-Learning Oriented Assessment (e-LOA) of the development of the communicative competence, in the context of the university grades for teaching training, both Primary and Childhood Education. 2. Methods. The design includes virtual media and cooperative methodologies. Specifically, students are invited, in some subjects from first to fourth courses, to assess through specific rubricsone’s and others’ oral presentations, and also the processes of sharing and reviewing a collaborative virtual diary about the attending sessions. The design agrees the statement that assessment influences what and how students learn, so professors must consider the assessment act as a process of improvement and learning. That is why the chosen teaching model was the learning-oriented assessment, put into practice together with technologic resources. 3. Results. The results show that students were made aware of the importance of their active participation in the assessment processes, both in their enhancing aspect of the apprenticeships evaluated and for generate the development of other learning involved. 4. Conclusion. The abovementioned items are important in the professional future of all students of Education. Keywords - Higher Education; E-Learning Oriented Assessment; Collaborative Learning and Assessment; Linguistic Training.