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Knowledge Management Initiatives for Teaching and Learning Management during the Covid-19 Pandemic: Case Study of the International College

Knowledge management initiatives focus on making available corporate knowledge wherever and whenever it is needed. Under the impact of novel coronavirus disease, the organization rapidly faces more needs for the knowledge shared among people byvarious channels to cope with the pandemic.This research investigates the impact ofknowledge management efforts on teaching and learningmanagement during the pandemic through increased flexibility and organizational intelligence in a local international college. For analysis, sample data are collected from the local international college in the past twoacademic years. Knowledge management processes of knowledge discovery, knowledge capture, knowledge sharing, and knowledge application are applied to improve communication for teaching and learning within the college.The studyconcludesthat effectively integrating and sharing the collective knowledge held from a variety of perspectives people in and out of the college is critical for sustaining teaching and learning during the pandemic. In addition, various authentic assessment methods and regular evaluations are more effective and efficient to measure students’ performance for teaching and learning online. Keywords - Knowledge Management, Teaching and Learning Management