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Bacteriological Analyses Of Groundwater Quality In Gombe Metropolis, Gombe State Nigeria

Bacteriological analyses of groundwater were investigated in six (6) selected Communities of Gombe Metropolis with the aim of examining the impact of sewage on groundwater quality using culture media. T- Test was used to compare the result obtained with the general standard for coliform bacteria acceptable standard, afterwards One way analysis of variance was also employed to test the spatial variation in the concentration of tested bacteria among low, medium and high density areas. Water samples were collected from boreholes and hand dug wells. Culture media laboratory result indicates the present of bacteria in the entire water sample collected from all locations and confirmatory test reveals the types of bacteria as coliform bacteria. The analysis of variance conducted shows that the concentration of the coliform bacteria varies significantly across low, medium and high density areas of the study area, whereas T-test shows that concentration of bacteria in all sampled areas exceeded general standard for coliform bacteria acceptable limit. As the water in question indicates the presence of coliform bacteria, the situation can lead to outbreak of water borne diseases such as Cholera, hepatitis, dysentery, giadiasis, typhoid fever to mention but a few. It is therefore, essential to treat water from this kind of groundwater sources to make it fit for both drinking and domestic use. It is Paramount important for government to embark on regular environmental sanitation exercises within the study area. and also provide refuse disposal vehicle to populace of the study area to lessen indiscriminate sewage disposal in the area, on the other hand populace in the study area need to intensified effort on personnel hygiene will improve the general health care and well being of the public in the study area. Index Terms- groundwater, water Quality, Bacteria, Culture media