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Reuse of Historical Buildings in the Context of Renewable Energy

Rapid urbanization with the technological advances brought by industrialization increases the shelter and consumption needs of human beings. Therefore, new buildings were built by ignoring urban planning. This situation led to the transformation of cities into building stocks, the loss of agricultural land, the rapid consumption of non-renewable energy sources, resulting in the accumulation of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere day by day. Thus, global warming and climate change became a problem of the 21st century and began to threaten human life. Therefore, the concept of sustainability, which means to continue the vital activities of the person without hindering the needs of future generations with minimum consumption, has gained importance and the efficient use of resources has come to the forefront in the new structures to be designed. In particular, making ecological approaches and designs and applying these approaches to the structured environment contributes to the protection of the increasingly destructive nature and the formation of a self-sufficient settlement. In addition, the demolition of historical buildings and the construction of new buildings in their places both increase the amount of energy consumed and destroy assets with aesthetic value with a document. Therefore, it is necessary to preserve the existing qualified structures and bring them to the present day by moving away from the idea of demolition. As a matter of fact, the re-opening of these structures by giving functions following their identity allows the transportation of cultural accumulations. In this context, it is important to consume renewable energy sources without damaging the structure, to convert wastewater, to apply systems such as lighting-heating-cooling-ventilation in historical structures. This study aims to emphasize the feasibility of consuming renewable energy sources by explaining the necessity of ecological approaches in the reintroduction of historical structures. During the study, a comprehensive literature review was carried out using the existing thesis, articles and books and the data obtained were presented within the scope of the article.Index Terms— Historic Building, Reuse, Ecology, Renewable Energy. Keywords - Historic Building, Reuse, Ecology, Renewable Energy.