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Integrating Critical Discourse Analysis Skills Into Formation of Cross Cultural Communicative Competence

This paper examined the process for developing students� critical thinking and analytical skills in their ESL classrooms in formation of cross cultural communicative competence by presenting a method organized around the concept of critical consciousness for conducting a critical discourse analysis of ESL texts. The analytical framework of the research was based on Three-Dimensional Model of Discourse (Fairclough 1989, 1995). This model for Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA) skills on the basis of three elements � description, interpretation and explanation, described the linguistic characteristics of texts, the relationship between the productive and interpretative processes of discursive practice and the relationship between discursive practice and social practice is maintained. It tried to introduce the pedagogical model and techniques to develop CDA in ESL classrooms at Kazakh Ablai Khan University of international relations and world languages. Findings show that the students� critical thinking and analytical skills development has seen after the proposed techniques to develop CDA which help students to focus on the real world around them to examine, judge it carefully and even change. This paper did not focus on the historical background and developments of critical perceptions in the study of ESL, discourse and communication. Keywords� Critical discourse analysis, critical thinking and analytical skills, didactic model and techniques, English as a second language, cross cultural communicative competence.