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A New Layered Model on Spiritual Intelligence – The Spiritual Knack Model

This research displayed the role of Spiritual Intelligence in the development of ‘Human Potential’ like any other area of psychology that attempts to predict and explain human behavior and performance. The conceptualization of SI has been an issue of great concern and, it is relatively a new realm of psychological investigation, and covers a multitude of qualities required for the personal, socio-emotional and professional growth of an individual.The ‘Spiritual Knack model’ was obtained out of the result of this research. This 14 layered model gives detail of the important features of a Spiritually Intelligent person. More to the point, the ‘Development of Spiritual Intelligence’, through ‘Shunya’ (Not Zero), ‘The Growth Cycle’ and ‘The Stages of SI’ was also explained. The growth cycle shows the periodic cyclic order of human spirituality, which ascends, then moves down,and goes on continuously throughout a person’s life. This continued till s/he become ‘Sthitaprajna’ (Equanimous) or remains in a wisdom state forever. The concept of “spiritual Intelligence’ was attempted to discuss in detail in this research.