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Application of Collaborative Robotics in the Production Process

The current trend in the industry is the use of robots for fast and quality production. Large industrial robots work with large and heavy parts or tools. Small industrial robots are used to handle and work with small products. However, if work near the operator is required or it is not possible to install barriers around the robot, it is advisable to use a collaborative robot. The safety conditions of collaborative robots are very strict and create a safe environment suitable for human-robot work. The trend in programming collaborative robots is the simple creation of programs with undemanding instructions with considerable time savings. The article describes the design of a multi-purpose technological-manipulation system for the collaborative robot UR5. The article points out the possibilities of creating a simulation model and generating a control program for a collaborative robot in RoboDK software.Describes the procedure for mounting the gripper holder together with the installation of the selected 3D printing pen with the possibility of changing the end tool. At the end of the paper, the design is verified and the process tested in connection with the operations of soldering, object manipulation and 3D printing with the participation of a collaborative robot and used technical equipment in laboratory conditions. Keywords - Collaborative Robotics, Innovative Information Technologies, Manipulation, Robot Simulation, Soldering, 3D printing