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Resource Conflict: Secret Wars Lie in Between Places the World is Not Looking

With economic disputes and technology advancement competitions going on everywhere between major countries, it seems like the world has moved on from a time where people are starving and countries are fight for basic resources, resource conflicts start sound like term that is way behind us. On the other hands, resource chaos never stopped and blood were being shade in every corner of this planet. Conflicts over natural resources are should not be a new phenomenon to anyone, oil and gas are the world's most valuable trading resources and probably the most conflict prone resources known to human being, and it is considered as one of the most important reasons for the 9 years Iraq war that killed over 100 thousand people in total; money from the blood diamond trades financed long violent civil wars by rebel groups;cobalt, coltan, copper, uranium and gold has triggered countless civil wars and interstate wars in Africa; even with the most renewable natural resource water, due to the increasing consumption that brought on more and more pressure on the world's fresh water supply, the local conflicts of water resources had a long history. Moreover, nowadays the combination of water shortage and cross-border waterway transportation disputes has increased the escalation of international conflicts. There are numerous ways to solve such conflicts, but in the end everything comes down to macro-government management, only until the those countries start to realize the most important resource of a country is its people and its strong leadership but not its natural resources, the war on resources will never stop. Keywords - Conflict, Political Psychology, Resource, Social Studies