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Digital Transformation based on Lean Principles: A Proposed Methodology

The covid-19 pandemic has even pushed tech lagging companies into rethinking their business model and evaluating their alternatives towards its rapid digitization. Industry 4.0 technologies play a significant role in supporting such initiatives. To that direction, companies seeking to remain competitive by adopting industry 4.0 technologies need to make changes to their business models and organizationsutilizing lean production techniques. The digitization of production processes entails the introduction of digital technologies that create a distributed structure, offer more flexibility and enhance the key performance indicators. This paper aims to present the research process and methodology for the development of the proposed technology and organizational transition model of lean production and warehousing in the era of digital transformation and industry 4.0.A sequential explanatory mixed method is adopted for the model design, as it is the best fit to draw on broad conclusions from research findings. First, a quantitative approach to the subject study is proposed in the form of a survey followed by validation of the proposed model through its implementation in a case study company from the aerospace industry.Τhe outcome and the insights drawn from the survey constitute the basis for the creation of the proposed model and the drafting of the necessary requirements for its successful implementation.The case study verifies the theoretical proposed model and contributes to the optimization, as thecase study constitutes a comparison between practice and theory. Keywords - Industry 4.0, Digital Transformation, Model, Research Methodology, Lean Manufacturing, Lean Production, Sequential Explanatory Mixed Method