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Diasporic Literature

Diaspora Literature involves an idea of a homeland, a place from where the displacement occurs and narratives of harsh journeys undertaken on account of economic compulsions. Basically Diaspora is a minority community living in exile. The dispersal (initially) signifies the location of a fluid human autonomous space involving a complex set of negotiation and exchange between the nostalgia and desire for the Homeland and the making of a new home, adapting to the power, relationships between the minority and majority, being spokes persons for minority rights and their people back home and significantly transacting the Contact Zone - a space changed with the possibility of multiple challenges.They write in the background of the sublime qualities of their homeland and at the same time try to fit themselves in the traditions and cultural values of other strange community or land.It also serves as an interconnection of the various cultures involved and it is used to understand the customs of different cultures and countries andit is also a source of inspiration globally.Although diasporic literature origin backs to 20th century but it spread to other countries like Britain, Canada, America, Denmark, Netherland, Australia Kenya, Sweden,kuwait and in different parts of Europe. Meaning of Diaspora is combination of two wordswhich means movement of people away from their own country or motherland.From a historical point of view, the ‘Diaspora’ is often associated with Jewish bigotry.At the moment, the Diaspora is used for the dispersal of social or cultural groups.This group will be living in two different streams of cultures at the same time.One who left behind his culture and the other who has to adopt himself in new cultural situations. The diasporic mind hangs between his birth land and place of work at the same time.A persons’s mental state,Living in dual existence gives birth to Dysphoria sensation.litterateur had different experiences in this type of sensation e.g social,universal,political,economical and experiences from the strange land.The struggle of these exeriences is seen in diasporic literature.when a persom moves to different land or country to fulfill his dreams ,the discrimination of language ,work and other difficulties with strangers makes his relation more emotional and deeper to his past.This past memories and relation,creates more difficulties to settle in foreign land.He lives there physically but his mental state is in his past constantly and ends up his life in those background memories. Aperson living in diaspora is actually a dual visionary man.Although this double vision expands his global consciousness but due to this vision he gains Judgemental qualities to understand others. At the same time, he weighs the respect of his native land and situations of foreign land he experiences and he finds it difficult to survive in those conditions. It can be said that diaspora literature indicates a person or social organisatin who lives dual life inquisition structure which become the cause of diasporic literature. Keywords - Homeland Sickness, Quest for Identity, Language Problem, Materiaistic Desire