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Responsibility of International Organizations in Supporting The Green Economy (Support and Commitment to Global Green Manufacturing)

The environment and its importance have always been emphasized by human societies, so much so that international law has been accepted by the United Nations as a way to explain and preserve it. Because alarming for the planet has led everyone, especially the United Nations, to work with the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) to identify the key environmental indicators for the maintenance of international peace and security as the main task of the United Nations and Then the promotion of sustainable consumption and production practices will be the key to sustainable development.The importance of the role of international organizations such as the World Bank, the World Trade Organization, the Environment Union and other organizations along with the United Nations in implementing the defined environmental goals is possible with the cooperation of the private sector, but the existence of numerous problems and current environmental Is a proof of inefficiency of the current programs. Since the greatest damage to the environment has been in line with economic goals, it is necessary to examine the support of green producers and find a way to reduce the brown economy (overuse of fossil and non-renewable resources) while maintaining effective efficiency and continuity of activity and competition in the economic field.In this article, citing Article 1 of the UN Charter on the maintaining of international peace and security, and the environment as one of the potential issues posing international challenges, a comprehensive treaty should be used using the capacity of international organizations, especially the United Nations. Implemented with a focus on green tax, so that industrialized countries are required to transfer green production technology and other countries are required to comply with it, and the consequences of non-implementation are regulated by green tax tools and serve the global environment. Keywords - International organization , Green manufacturing, Green Tax .