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Proposed Marketing Strategy for International Market Expansion (Case PT BRODO Ganesha Indonesia Export to Japan)

The footwear industry plays an increasingly important role in Indonesia's manufacturing sector. Indonesia was the sixth-largest exporter of leather footwear in 2019-2020, accounting for 4.6 percent of worldwide exports worth US$2.2 billion. Brodo has attracted a Japanese distributor who wants to import the product to Japan and sell it in the Japanese Market. Despite having a plan for its Japan extension, Brodo does not yet know which target market the shoes will be marketed to or how the Japanese market will react to the shoes in order to begin developing its business strategy for its Japan development. As a result, Brodo must get a deeper understanding of the Japanese market in order to better adapt its product and thrive in its global expansion. This research's primary data collection is using qualitative research methods, while secondary data will be collected from internal reports, organization website, Article, Journals, and books. Keywords - Brodo, International Expansion, Marketing Strategy Shoes, Positioning