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Biofuels Made from Plant and Animal Waste as Alternative Sources of Energy to Displace Fossil Fuel Use

Although nonrenewable fossil fuels are currently the primary energy source, society’s continued dependence on their use is not environmentally or economically sustainable. In response, this paper will explore plant and animal waste as alternative energy sources and introduce a reconfigured Combined Heat & Power (CHP) energy supply system, which will present a field of biofuel production through transesterification and biofermentation. Transesterification involves the reaction of triglycerides (commonly found in lipids and the cell wall of plants) and alcohols. This process creates products known as alkyl esters, which have relatively low flash points and high net energy yields. Biofermentation involves the fermentation of animal manure and urine, releasing methane and hydrogen sulfide. When these highly flammable compounds are ignited, they release significant amounts of heat. Both methods are environmentally friendly and economically sustainable due to their utilization of waste products, low energy input, and low greenhouse gas emissions. Combined Heat and Power (CHP) functions by using biofuels to boil water, creating steam that powers a generator. The excess heat from the steam is directed through a semiconductor for a thermoelectric effect and used in HVAC systems. In addition to harnessing energy from biowaste, this process creates a nutrient rich fertilizer from the residual organic matter. The purpose of this paper is to propose sustainable solutions to utilize biowaste and convert it into biofuels. In the face of advancing organic waste processing and energy generation technologies, the proposed energy supply system is a crucial step towards an environmentally supported economy. Keywords - Agriculture, Agricultural Producers, Biodiesel, Biodigester, Biofermentation, Biomass, Biowaste, Biofuel, Carbon, CHP, Cogeneration, Combined Heat And Power, Cow Manure, Electricity, Emissions, Energy Crop, EROI, Feces, Fecal Matter, Feedstock, Fossil Fuels, Fuel, Greenhouse Gas, GHG, Government Subsidies, Hydrocarbon, HVAC, Methane, Organic Fuel, Poop Energy, Reallocation, Rural Areas, Steam, Steam Turbine, Thermoelectric Effect, Transesterification