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Education Goes Digital: Investigating The Impact of Human, Organizational and Technological Factors on Students’ E-Learning Readiness

E-learning has become the main option for educational institutions around the world during the Covid-19 pandemic. Higher education institutions in Malaysia need to abort the face-to-face teaching and learning and temporarily migrate into new norm of online approach. Considering this new scenario, a study has been carried out to examine the impact of human, organizational and technological factors on students’ e-learning readiness. A study was carried out based on survey approach whereby the data from a total of 214 respondents were randomly collected from selected higher education institutions in Klang Valley, Malaysia. Partial Least Squares (PLS) method was chosen to analyze the survey data. The hypotheses and proposed model were evaluated based on the smart PLS. It is found that human, organizational and technology have significant impact on the students’ e-learning readiness. The findings provide a foundation for assessing the factors that influence e-learning readiness in developing countries. Keywords - COVID-19, E-Learning, Human, Organizational and Technology.