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A Study on Factors Influencing Customer Satisfaction in Online Educational Platform during COVID 19

The purchase of Online education has seen a steep spike during the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to the pandemic people were confined to their homes and they started to spend much more time than before on the internet. The closure of schools and offices led to more professionals working from home and students started having online classes. This studymainly focuses on understanding and measuring the key constituents influencing Customer satisfaction in e- learning industry during COVID 19. It was found that factors like Quality, Value and Trust are the major factors affecting Customer satisfaction in e-learning platform. The data was collected using a mixed methodology approach. Primary data was collected from 100 samples which includes parents and students who are exposed to any of the e-learning platforms. Along with this many articles and research papers were utilized in finalizing the research framework and methodology. SPSS is the software used for the analysis and interpretation of the data. The study identified the most feasible recommendation for the e-learning industry and steps to be taken in order to achieve itsobjectives. Keywords - E-learning industry, Customer satisfaction, Value, Quality, Trust.