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Design And Synthesis of Nano- and Microplatforms for Biosensors

Biosensors have a sensitive element, such as enzymes, genes, or antibodies, that allows them to control the interaction between the substance and the sensitive layer. Biosensors are applicable in a variety of fields, including medicine, the food and pharmaceuticals industries, and environmental monitoring.Due to the global need for a low-cost and effective monitoring system, novel revolutionary materials for biosensors have paid a lot of attention. [1-3]. Glucose determination plays an important role in medicine, especially in the care of diabetics, but also in the food industry. The glucose measurement is one of the most popular tests in the analysis of blood, drugs, juices, and dietary supplements. Unfortunately, commercial glucometers are some limitations like aging, manufacturing process issues, inappropriate storage, coding, or incorrect data processing. Therefore, it is necessary to improve this kind of sensor, increasing its sensitivity, stability, and detection efficiency.One of the solutionsmay bedesigning novel hybrid nanomaterials for biosensors, which allows building more selective, sensitive, and stable over time systems [4-5]. Herein, we present novel glucose biosensors based on hybrid micro-and nanoplatforms. The research methodology was based on obtaining the metal oxide@biopolymer materials, using natural or nature-inspired ingredients such as magnetite, silica, lignin, polydopamine. The obtained platforms were used for the adsorption immobilization of the enzyme and to construct a sensor that was characterized by improved properties.Biosensors based on micro-and nanoplatforms may be an interesting alternative to commercial biosensors including glucometers. This work was financed and prepared as part of a research project supported by the National Science Center Poland, no. 2017/27/B/ST8/01506 and also supported by the Poznan University of Technology research grant no. 0912/SBAD/2106. Keywords - Biosensors, Hybrid Material, Glucose Detection, Enzyme