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Iconisation and Sociolinguistics of Communication in Nigerian Poetry of English Expression in Hope Eghagha’s Poetry

This is an iconisation and sociolinguistics of communication in Nigerian poetry of English expression. The paper assesses how the use of poetic creativity serves as both sociolinguistic and signifying processes of communicative roadmap that are capable of yielding well expressed and richly articulated semiological implications. Being the father of all modern disciplines, semiotics, and its application is highly utilitarian in linguistics analysis especially where the language of a text appears to be deeply tensed such as found in poetic texts.The aim of this paper has been (i) to assessiconic presentation of form in Nigerian poetry of English expression;(ii) to find out the linguistic elements and textual organization that represent communicative signaling in Nigerian poetry. Using qualitative research design in data generation with insights from Peirce model of semiotictheory with particular reference to icon, the paper identifies the implication of the poetic discourse on the society. In doing this, icon and some sociolinguistics concept such as class variable formed the core of the analysis. This paper found that: 1. Nigerian poets make use of iconic presentation of form in their poetry. Through this device, they are able to project their message vividly to the readers. 2. linguistic elements and textual organization represent communicative signaling and articulate devices all together marked the expressive import and implication of Nigerian poetry. Recommendations involve that poets should use language in a way that reflects their immediate society. By so doing, their messages will be moreappreciated. Keywords - Ideology, Solidarity, Discourse, Exophoric, Endophoric, Referent, Reference, Cataphoric, Anaphoric