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Effectiveness of ICT in Online Mathematics Teaching and Learning in Secondary Schools of Mizoram during Covid-19 Pandemic

The coming of the COVID-19 pandemic, though a calamity in itself, provided an opportunity to find out the true effectiveness of ICT in online mathematics teaching and learning. The population under consideration was secondary teachers teaching mathematics. It was found that a strong majority of the teachers were male and nearly half of the mathematics teachers did not have computers of their own. The study also found that only about half of them had received training in ICT. A large majority of them did not enjoy teaching through ICT. Majority of them were of the general opinion that mathematics teaching has suffered due to online mode but it could still be used as a supplement to offline mode of teaching. Teachers were of the opinion that not all of their students had the facility to make full use of ICT. Moreover, they did not consider that students showed improvement due to online mode of teaching, strongly indicating a general disapproval of online mode of teaching. In a nutshell, it was discovered that mathematics educators did not consider ICT adequate to replace offline teaching but they considered that it could supplement it. Keywords - Mathematics Teachers, ICT, Students, Online Learning, Pandemic, Secondary Level, Education.