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A Content Analysis on the Reconstruction of Women's Representation in Mobile Game Advertising

The digital game industry, which has developed since the 1960s, has been able to be played in mobile devices with the development of information technologies. Advances in new media technologies have led to the birth of mobile devices and the ability to play digital games on mobile platforms. In this way, mobile games have started to take place in daily life. Especially mobile games targeting the young population aim to attract the attention of the target audience with their advertisements on other smart phone applications. Today, due to the fact that the spread of smart phones, the mass playing on the mobile platform has increased. In the face of this increasing demand, game producers use advertising images prepared by using different female representations on social media platforms (Youtube, Twitch, Facebook, Instagram) or other mobile games in order to increase the number of users and attract new players. It is thought that male and female stereotypes, which are thought to take place in mobile games played online, have an effect on the gender identity of the individual. It can be said that the messages conveyed to users visually and in writing in online mobile games used as a socialization tool have masculine and feminine characteristics. Therefore, mobile gaming companies that use advertising attractiveness reflect the gender ideology while doing this. Especially when this study is examined on the basis of gender, it questions how gender is reproduced by using the image of women in mobile game ads. Mobile games that can be downloaded on the mobile platform with the deliberate sampling method, which are highly popular and that use female characters in their advertisements were selected and content analysis was made through the advertisements they used. Keywords - Mobile Game, Advertising and Woman, New Media Advertising, Woman Representation, New Media Technologies.