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Effectiveness of Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED) in Reducing Robberies in Campus Residences

With the increasing rate of violent criminal victimisation, concerns about safety and prevention have begun to resonate across college campuses throughout the nation. Despite the efforts put forth by institutions of higher education to reduce fear of crime and criminal victimisation, higher education institutions (HEIs) students are subjected to coexist with the probability of crime victimisation on campus. The main aims of the study include determining how safe the residences are and how safe the students in the residences at the HEI feel; and investigate the measures applied by the HEI to ensure the safety and security of the students on the campus. This study adopted the quantitative approach as the main method of data collection. A random cluster sampling procedure was utilised to select 60 respondents who participated in this study. The findings highlighted among others, that students fear being robbed, murdered or sexually violated when they move around the campus where the residences are. More importantly, the females in the residences fear going to isolated areas at certain times of the day because of stories that they have heard or what is said about sexual violence taking place in such isolated areas. Keywords - Campus, Crime Prevention, Environmental Design, Robbery, Residence.