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The Influence of Blackpink as Tokopedia’s Brand Ambassador on Brand Awareness, Brand Image, and Consumer Purchase Decisions

Nowadays, many companies market their product or service through the use of advertising media which involves celebrities or recognizable names as a brand ambassador to form identity, create awareness, and increase sales. One of which is Tokopedia who recently appointed Blackpink to present their brand in January 2021. However, Blackpink has previously been appointed as the regional brand ambassador of brand rivalry Shopee in the previous year. Based on this phenomenon, the author has taken interest to investigate the influence of Blackpink as a brand ambassador on Tokopedia’s brand awareness, brand image, and consumer purchase decisions using the VisCAP (Visibility, Credibility, Attraction, and Power) model. This study uses a quantitative method of descriptive analysis and partial least squares (PLS) as a statistical processing tool. In order to collect the data, 386 questionnaires are distributed using a judgemental sampling method. The result indicates that Power has a significant impact on Brand Awareness while Credibility and Brand Awareness has a significant impact on Brand Image. Lastly, Visibility, Brand Awareness, and Brand Image has a significant impact on Consumer Purchase Decisions. The results obtained from this study can be useful for the company to evaluate whether they already select the right brand ambassadors to represent them and generate a recommendation on how to improve the use of a brand ambassador in terms of their marketing strategy. Keywords - Brand Ambassador, Brand Awareness, Brand Image, Consumer Purchase Decisions.