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Food Crisis – A Scientific Analysis on the Growing Cataclysm in South Asia with Rise in Poverty and Population

The way the population is rising in South Asia, especially in India, it is estimated that we will have to produce double the amount to serve the population, Population and lack of agriculture development is the major issues of food security in this region and the fact that majority of the people are employed in the agriculture sector and every fourth farmer is an India. Bangladesh and India are dependent on Agriculture as their primary source of economy. For India, Bangladesh and Nepal agriculture is the yardstick of development, all of these countries have a majority of the population who are product of mal nutrition, under nourishment, chronic hunger. Around 25000 people die each day due to hunger, there are villages who do not receive a proper 3 meals a day, 1 out of 5 child in India die out of hunger. Nutrient literacy is very important in all these countries along with they need to minimise food wastage so that it can be given to the poor people who can’t avoid it , special services need to be provided to the pregnant lady and her child for the grown and born of a healthy child .Education , health awareness and end of culture barriers and gender based discrimination can help to resolve the food security issue with women involvement in the agriculture sector and making them part of rural economy with nutrient literacy which can save the life of many . Keywords - South Asia, Food Crisis, population, Nutrition Literacy, Mal Nutrition, India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Agriculture, Hunger