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Religiosity of Pancasila as The Idea of Indonesian Law Amidst the Hegemony of Modern Science

The advanced modern science (through Descartes) observed that subject (man) and object (elements of universe) are absolutely separated or distanced (between res Cogitans and res Extensa). This separation/distinguishment shadows the science and Western philosophy for more that 300 years. The impact is real on legal science. Law is separated from the spiritual aspect (moral, ethic, and humanity values) leading to the extinction of the unison of law as science. Law is not able to extent the scope of the study since it only focuses solely on the reality aspect of matter (reality of form). The approach used is limited to the internal approach which is exclusive, secluded, and rigid. Law is so exiled from the changing in global academy that makes it left behind, especially in the endeavor to develop an adaptive design analysis but is open to the change. If law is an attitude, law is always related to the morality and ethic. Spiritual wisdom is the lock pad for the knowledge to hinder from the individual, liberal, and materialistic characters. Legal theory and science should accommodate the spiritual wisdom. Indonesian spiritual wisdom or morality of Indonesian people naturally is an identity often attributed to Pancasila as the source of law that contains supreme wisdom. When Pancasila is positioned as the idea of law, ideology, or the guidance of life, Pancasila is eternally open for interpretation. Legal science with the spiritual wisdom of Pancasila is the essence or the soul that shades the diversity. Keywords - Modern science, Religiousity of Pancasila, Indonesian Legal Science