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Design and Development of a Master-Slave Algorithm for Agricultural Mobile Robots

Agriculture is one of the vitally important sectors of a country, but problems are emerging due to the continuous growth of various fields of sciences such as IT, E-commerce, real estate, etc. The lack of farmers and old farming methods are problems that affect the growth of the agricultural sector. One solution is to develop multiple mobile robots combined with agricultural farming tools for plowing, seed sowing, and soil closing. This thesis shows the design and development of master-slave multiple mobile robots for farming operations. Three robots were employed in which one of the robots was assigned as the master robot while the others served as slave robots. The Computer/Mobile App was created to control the action and movement of the mobile robots via Bluetooth. Arduino Mega board was used to control the overall processes of the system. The three mobile robots have three different farming tools embedded on each robot that work simultaneously. Keywords - Master-Slave Algorithm, Agricultural Mobile Robots, Computer/Mobile App, Farming Operations