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Learning Interface For E-Learning

This system is an artificial intelligence entity, with the power of natural language processing, as a virtual teacherfor learning and assessment of statistical inference, available through the Internet for student use.It has a logical reasoning engine and uses two knowledge bases, one for statistical inference and the other for rules of Englishgrammar and general knowledge to facilitate learning. Thesystem is called Learning Interface for E-Learning (LIEL). It provides lessons in inferential statistics. The user can ask questions in English and have a dialogue with virtualteacher. The system answers the questions or asks forclarification regarding what is required from it. It searches its knowledge bases(KB), uses its first order predicate logicreasoning engine and converses with the student using itsNatural Language Processing (NLP) sub-system. It is aimed to provide a multimedia experience. The system uses the following programming languages for itsdifferent functions: AIML for knowledge base, Prolog forreasoning, HTML and Java script for web client, Java for web server and AIML interpreter and Linux shell script forcommunication.This system has potential applicationsoutside academicenvironment such as web-based online marketing and helpdesk diagnostics in different sectors and can be used as assistantlecturer for other courses and subjects by changing itsknowledge-base. Keywords- Education and Information Systems -Computer -Assisted Instruction -Artificial Intelligence -Conversational -Robots -Natural Language Processing.