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The Long - Term Effects of a Prevention Program on the Number of a Critical Incidents and Sick Leave Days – A Decade Perspective

Background - This study explores the effectiveness of refresher training sessions of an intervention program aimed at reducing the employees’ risk of injury due to patient violence. Methods - The original safety intervention program consisted of a 3-day workshop and was conducted in the maximum-security ward of a psychiatric hospital in Israel. Ever since the original intervention, annual refreshers are conducted highlighting one of the safety elements covered in the original intervention. The study presents the effect of the intervention program along with the refreshers, introducing the reduced patients' number of violence cases over period of ten years in 4 wards. Results - The data presents that beyond the initial reduction following the original intervention, refreshers seem to have an additional positive long-term effect, reducing both the number of violent incidents and the number of actual employee injuries. Conclusion - We concluded that such an intervention program followed by refresher training would promote the safety climate. A refresher-training program would enhance the appropriate behavior over years of organizational work. Keywords - Violence at Work, Intervention Program Refreshers, Public Sector Mental Healthcare.