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An Identification and Analysis of Problems in Teaching caused by Covid-19 in High School and University Teachers in China

The purpose of this study was to identify teaching problems and explore potential solutions which exist in teachers’ teaching activities during the pandemic, which broke out in high schools and universities in Sichuan Province, China. This study was carried out by interviewing 64 teachers in high schools and 85 teachers in universities. As a result of switching their teaching from entirely offline to entirely online, those teachers have had to adapt their teaching activities. Similarly, teachers taught online, and students needed to learn online in new learning environment. With the sudden change of a new teaching and learning environment, teachers and students have struggled to adapt in a short time, and this brought many problems. The teachers indicated their online teaching problems and teaching activities during the pandemic through interviews. From the interviews, the researchers identified common teaching problems. This study aimed to facilitate teachers' understanding of the current teaching environment and teaching problems. By the researchers’ suggestions of potential solutions, teachers would be able to modify the teaching activities to suit the new environment. Keywords - Teaching Problems, New Teaching Andlearning Environment, Teaching Activities, High School and University