Paper Title
“Poetry of Utpalkumar Basu: Variety of Elements”

UTPALKUMAR BASU, a great poet of Bengal, makes the form of poetry in a new manner. The multidimensional thought enriched his poem with new imagination, new formation of past and present events and social on goings. That can motivate every Lerner/reader towards the society, environment and also for mankind. As he puts the trees in new angle, he also assemble all the present scenario with memory and desire. The mixing process of all round happenings can serve as a tool for mankind and ours consciousness. The customs, nature, habit of Bengal also take place in his writings. Where he tries to uphold the burden, struggle of life and how can we overcome from that situation. He used to combine his poetry like story, usual conversation in society, using local song and many more. Not only that he always tries to structure his sentences and word in a new style and new syntax, which is different from traditional poetry of Bengali Literature. There are traveling eyes in his words, there are voice like reporter in his poems. The voice gives us many information about past and presents happenings. He used to integrate his poetry with multidisciplinary effects, like History-Geography-Science-Psychology etc. The Audio-visual effect in his poetry also makes him different from others. This Audio-visual effect create a motion in the tone of poetry. Thus, Mr. Basu can be evaluated in many direction, that can be useful for literature and our thinking and acting process towards life. Keywords - Grand Assemble, Memory, Social Activity, Imagination, Structure, Pattern.