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A Concepts and Architecture Design of Open Digital Learning System Using Cloud Streaming Media Technology For Teaching and Learning in 21st Century Skills

this project developed under the scholarship of Sripatum University, Chonburi Campus.Cloud streaming media is the new assistive technology which has the potential to support the traditional education system, comprise an online digital learning system is gaining popularity and considered as a viable and efficient means of content delivery, student engagement for many courses in higher education institutions. Due to the Sripatum University Chonburi Campus have to handle educational, both theoretical and practical. Thus, the Sripatum University Chonburi Campus have to supported this project to develop an open digital learning system using cloud streaming media technology for teaching and learning in 21st century skills. An open digital learning system can support the variety of interaction channels and knowledge required to facilitate interactive learning and teaching. In this study present a conceptual and architecture that can take the advantage of cloud streaming media and provide an open digital learning system for support collaborative function, social network function, audio function, video on demand function, animation function, and simulation function. Activities in an online setting from an educational perspective, to describe and integrated interaction model is needed to capture learning and training, Finally, this study also discuss some of the factors that will have an impact of such an initiative with respect to the higher education. Index Terms´┐ŻOnline Digital Learning System, conceptual framework, Cloud Streaming Media Technology and Concepts and Architecture Design.