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Missing in Albaniaā€¯, Legal Impact of Enforced Disappearances during Communist Regime

This paper will provide an introduction to the basic legal aspects on regulatory framework on enforced disappearance, related investigation in Albania, contextualizing domestic approach and what is currently lagging from the implementation. Crimes against humanity, genocide as well as war crimes certainly must be viewed in the context and standards of the international law. The international law offers unified interpretation with regards to the national mechanisms in implementing and bringing justice to victim families, but it also takes into account the efforts to condemn the crimes against humanity openly and publicly. It is observed that international law are created to achieve an effective investigation and prosecution. In Albania, the international law enjoys a privileged position as it prevails over domestic law, according to the Albanian Constitution. In this paper it will be displayed also the current situation and recommended measures for the disappeared persons as in 2012 the Albanian government declared its engagement in taking necessary steps for creating the Disappeared Persons Section within Institute of Integration Former Politically Persecuted, aiming to initiate the process by identifying the massive graves and exhumations for the disappeared persons during the period of communism. Thus, it is of a vital importance to present some suggested practices of forensic management and due diligence rules, .as well as provide grounds for comparative approaches that identity good practice and measures Keywords - Enforced Disappearance, Extrajudicial Killings, Torture, Human Rights.