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Attitudes towards the use of Humour: A Case Study of Moroccan Secondary School Teachers

This study investigates the possible benefits of using humour in the classroom for teaching and learning purposes. It is intended to prove whether humour facilitates and creates appropriate conditions for teaching and learning or not. In this manner, it explores teachers’ perceptions of and attitudes towards classroom humour and the types of humour devices they involve in their day-to-day teaching and instructional practices. The study used a qualitative method that comprised 31 open-ended questionnaires delivered to teachers of various school subjects. The findings revealed that most of the respondents believe that humour facilitates teaching, does not make it difficult, does not contradict with teachers’ appropriate behaviour, is not a waste of time and is not associated only with teachers’ who have a sense of humour. Keywords - Attitudes, Benefits, Humour, Learning, Perceptions, Teachers.