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An Implementation of Object Tracking Methods on Panand Tilt Manipulatorfot Teacher Tracking in Hybrid Classroom

Hybrid Classroom due to the pandemic of COVID-19, the key to success for a digital classroom of the Suranaree University of Technology is broadcasting the teaching and learning activities onsite classroom via zoom application. One problem about the students who take this classroom online can not meet their teacher because the integrated camera on the classroom computer is stacked on the table in front of the class. The reason why there can not sense to teachers acts in the classroom. This paper aims to implement the object tracking method to the pan and tilt manipulator, a camera integrated. The results show that the three selected methods can achieve this task. The best accuracy for teacher tracking is the CSRT method with an IoU of 0.77 at 410 x 308 pixels. Keywords - Teacher Tracking, Object Tracking, Camera Tracking, Pan and Tilt