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Stability of Some Rozafa Maize Hybridts in Different Agro-Ecological Zones of Albania

Maize use to have special place at the intensive agriculture. That is due to fact that maize is considered as intensive crop, i.e for a short period gives results which has no competition by other crops. Considering actual results of maize products ii is clear that figures is under estimated agro-ecological capacities. We can reduce the effect of such different conditions, through using hybrids with good stability. To get proper regional distribution of hybrids (actually is quite spontaneous) it is necessary to know about the stability of the hybrids in use, and maize breeders should keep into account at the hybrid creation process. If we will consider only highest price and failure the stability then we can’t guaranty the success. By this article we would like to shows the production capacity of some maize hybrids in different conditions of cultivation, which has to deal will their stability. Considering the evaluation of diversification of maize hybrids production in different cultivation conditions, we got that analyses hybrids shows satisfy level of expressed stability on production. Keywords - Albania, Maize, Hybrids, Agro-ecological Zones, Production, Stability.