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A Review on Properties of Aluminum based Metal Matrix Composites

Metal matrix composites (MMC) find wide ranges of applications in manufacturing due to its lightweight, sound surface and mechanical characteristics. Its valuable applications in defence and space field make it worthy to be explored for possible low cost and ease to use solutions. In this paper, an effort has been made to make a comprehensive review on MMC preparation methods by different routes and materials employed for MMC preparation. The common mechanical properties (i.e. hardness, tensile and compressive strength, etc.) reported by different researchers are thoroughly discussed with the aim to highlight the amount of reinforcement and improvement occurred during processing. The formation and methodology for mixing condition and sintering behaviour of Al-MMCs are discussed to impart knowledge about the processing circumstances in powder metallurgical route. The affecting conditions during operating and responsible factor for the tribological behaviour are deliberated in a precise manner to recognize the potentiality of reinforcing particles in Al-MMCs. Finally, the different shortcomings and future prospects of the Al-MMCs are given to encourage the future research directions. Keywords - Metal Matrix Composite, Moulding, Stir Casting, Hardness, Tensile Stregth.