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Electro Kinetic Remediation of Cadmium Contaminated Soil using Effective Microorganisms and Other Washing Agents

Removing cadmium (CD) from soil has been one of the most researched topics in the field of soil remediation because of its detrimental effects on agriculture and environment. Over the years, researchers have relied on different soil remediation techniques in both field and laboratory experiments, such as soil washing, soil flushing, phytoremediation, bioremediation, solidification and stabilization. Electro kinetic (EK) remediation is one such innovative technique. In this study, the Cd removal efficiency was evaluated through the use of EK technology. Four sets of experiments were conducted to compare the efficiency of effective microorganisms (EM) and other chemicals as washing agents, such as citric acid, acetic acid and tap water. At an applied voltage of 30 V, the results showed that EM had better removal efficiency in comparison with the other washing agents, with an overall removal of 90.5% for EM and 74.9%, 71.9% and 28% for citric acid, acetic acid and tap water respectively. This was because EM had an optimum pH, conductivity and surface tension compared to the other washing agents. It is suggested that adding EM to the soil with the help of electrokinetic technology could easily remove cadmium from soil, in a short period of time. Keywords - Cadmium, Soil remediation, Electro Kinetic Technology, Effective Microorganisms.