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To Figure Out the Linkage between Students' Personality and the Learning Methods that are Best for them

In an ordinary class, a teacher has to face 40-50 or even more students with different personalities. An experienced teacher may have the capability to adjust their teaching methods and materials according to students' personalities, but this is almost impossible when the amount of students reach such a scale. During our survey, we found linkages between human personalities and their most suitable learning methods and it was concluded that adopting suitable learning methods will help. However, in Taiwan, teachers have almost no chance to know students' personalities, not to mention figuring out the best learning methods for each individual student. Even if they want to achieve that, most of them will suffer from the lacking of such knowledge. In this project, our idea is to solve this issue via information technologies. There are two parts: first, we will design a method to assess students' personalities with the use of physiological signal; second, we will develop e-learning tools addressing different learning methods. We hope that our design will help teachers understand their students more and thus can advise their students to choose adequate learning tools for better learning performance. Keywords – Learning Performance, Personality, Five Factor