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Using Game-based Learning Platform “Kahoot” TO Motivate Students’ Reading Comprehension

Kahoot is a teaching method that allow students to learn while they are playing the game. Kahoot incorporates social media and it enables students to create, share and exchange content with friends in their groups in the classroom. The objective of this research is to study the students’ opinions on using the game based platform “ Kahoot” in the classroom to gauge students’ level of satisfaction towards using the activities of this game. The sample group was 54 undergraduate students who had enrolled to study in the course of “ English Reading” of the academic year 2020 at Kasetsart University, Kamphaeng Saen Campus. The instruments used in this research were a lesson plan with Kahoot, Kahoot’s quiz, a computer with an internet connection, smartphones and tablets. A questionnaire was used to ask students’ opinion on using Kahoot to develop students’ reading comprehension. The statistical method used in data analysis were percentage and mean values and standard deviation. The students revealed that the activities in the game-based learning platform“Kahoot” provided a new teaching method in reading which helped in creating a learning experience. It allowed students to participate in learning more than through lecturing and they enjoyed playing “Kahoot” They considered it was fun, enjoyable, useful in gaining knowledge and easy to remember the content. Kahoot captured students’ focus and motivated students to be engaged and encouraged interaction in the classroom. It also minimized distractions and improved the quality of teaching and learning in a classroom. Keywords - Game based Learning Platform” Kahoot”, Social Media, Interaction, Reading Comprehension